Furia Santa- Nicaragua

Furia Santa is our year long men’s rehab program that is located in Nicaragua.  Currently there are 22 men (photo above) that are in the program.  Most of these men have been in jail or have struggled with drug and alcohol abuse that have destroyed their lives and family relationships.  We believe that God can give them HOPE and restore their lives by reconciling their relationship with God and their families.

These men go through an intense discipleship and work program by living in community with one another at our facility.  Currently, we have built new dorms and we are building a new kitchen, cafeteria, commons area, and offices for our program.  These men also are taught and learn how to do basic construction, concrete, electrical, plumbing, and agriculture, so that when they graduate from the program they will be able to have skills to find employment.

Please continue to pray for these men and this ministry.  If you are interested in helping us complete the Furia Santa building or help fund this ministry to change the lives of these men, please call us at 417-886-4673 or click here to donate:  http://pjhope.org/donate/



Furia Santa Men’s Dorm


Furia Santa New Construction

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