Pastor Training Center- Nicaragua

Pastor Training is an area where we have focused on these past three years.  We feel that it is important to train and equip leaders in both Nicaragua and Haiti.  So, we have developed along with some experienced pastors and leaders a process which we can help encourage and train local rural pastors.  Our Discipleship Program (Nicaragua and Haiti) and Leadership Training International (Nicaragua) year long Program is having great success and we are seeing a huge impact in pastors and communities that they lead.

So far, 430 pastors in Nicaragua and Haiti have completed our Discipleship Program and 130 Pastors have graduated our Leadership Training International Program (30 in 2017) in Nicaragua!  You can read more about our Pastor Training here on our website.

Pictured in this article is our new Pastor Training Center (Nicaragua) that has been built this past year and will open in 2018.  It is designated to help us continue to train and encourage pastors and grow this area of ministry.

If you would like to make a donation to help fund the final costs associated with it’s completion or would like to help fund a pastor to attend our training, please click on the link to our donate page.



Pastor Training- Nicaragua                                            Pastor Training- Haiti

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