Every kid deserves to learn about Jesus from someone who knows them & loves them.

The Lord has placed Jesus-loving, kid-loving educators in every school.
These educators pray for every student by name & crave professionally-safe avenues to share the hope of Jesus.
Appleseed was born to connect these world-changing educators.
Appleseed exists to help them fulfill their calling.
Pete & Janet Fritsch have been with Young Life for nearly 30 years.
These ‘every-kid, every school’ convictions were developed through years of helping reach the hard-to-reach teenagers in each community.
Pete retired from the Young Life staff this summer to start Appleseed.
They are deeply grateful that the Project Hope family has offered to give Appleseed a home.
As in our work in Nicaragua and Haiti, Appleseed equips the indigenous body of Christ to transform their own communities.
Please pray for Pete & Janet as the Appleseed dream becomes a reality & reach out to Pete if you’d like to learn more.
If you’d like to make a donation to help grow this new ministry, you can give online or make checks payable to Project Hope & write ‘Appleseed’ in the memo line.

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