Manna Ministries

A new Manna Pack distribution initiative has begun, serving over 11 schools and 2 orphanages, feeding over 1200 children daily.

This program allows kids of all ages to enjoy a hearty meal during their school day.  One of our very own Haitian staff members remembers back to his childhood school days.  He stated that if it were not for the school meals offered, he probably would not have finished school.  He had to walk nearly 3 hours daily to get to school.  He said he could make the walk because he knew that at least he was going to receive a good meal.  We see directly the positive impact of a program like this, making a difference in the lives of kids.
Another fantastic opportunity coming our way is the ability to partner with these schools in improving their ability to educate the students.  Sam and Lisa Berg, soon-to-be retired from teaching, are committed to living in Haiti and coming alongside these schools and giving them pointers on how to be more effective in their teaching.  It also gives us opportunity to emphasize the importance of God’s Word in the educational process.  God, in His timing, has orchestrated these events for the benefit of His people in Haiti.



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