Pastoral Training

We host pastoral discipleship training projects throughout the year for pastors in the rural areas near Pignon. Using the Leadership International Training program, which has been implemented around the world, pastors are invited to attend a 2-3 day training to help encourage and equip them in biblical leadership skills so that they can better serve their church and community.

The teaching is led by small teams (5-7) of pastors and leaders from the US. In future, the training will be held at H.O.P.E. Central. Such topics include Salvation, The Church, Baptism, Prayer, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, and many other lessons. Our goal is to partner with and encourage the local pastors with the purpose of building the local church through our ministry teams.

Agricultural Training

Provided by the leadership of Professor Mike Burton (Missouri State University) and a team of agriculture students they have constructed and will help us implement a specialized program that will help the farming community in Pignon. On our H.O.P.E. Central property we will grow different varieties of gardens that will be used to teach others in the community as a way to grow a sustainable and productive garden.

Vocational Training

Our goal is to work with the adolescents living at Haiti Home of Hope Orphanage and others that will be identified by our local pastor partners to provide people with skills so that when it is time for them to leave the orphanage they will be equipped and trained with a life skill that they can be self-sufficient as they begin a family. We are in the process of determining which skills might be the best for this area of Haiti. Such things might include English, bicycle repair, agriculture training, and much more.

Upcoming Events

May 6th

2017 Golf Classic Springfield

7am Registration

Fremont Hills Country Club
1953 Fremont Hills Drive
Fremont Hills, MO 65714

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$100/player or $400/team

Registration will begin on April 1st! Make sure you sign up or register online quickly. We anticipate to fill all 30 teams within a week!

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For more information please contact the Springfield Office at 417-886-4673