Winter 2022 Newsletter Article- Haiti

Haiti- A Maturing Staff

By: Jeff Hart

What is your goal in Haiti? I hear that question a lot from people when they hear that we have a ministry in Haiti. I have come to understand what many people are implying is that Haiti has many non-profit organizations serving in the country and the country seems to continually struggle. “Is what you are doing making a difference?”

Our staff is “Giving HOPE Everyday” through various ministries. Through our education ministry, we are adding a second school this year, serving nearly 400 students in total. Through our agriculture ministry we are growing vegetables, fruit, and so much more. When the gardens are harvested the food is given away to those in desperate need of food. We are poised to begin planting gardens for families in communities that will have food year-round. Through our Medical Ministry, we are taking care of the sick daily for those that have no access to medical care. Our Pastor Training Ministry is continuing to train and encourage 30 pastors over the past two years. They will graduate in December. In our Benevolence and Elderly Ministry, we are visiting, encouraging, praying, sharing the gospel, and giving food packs to the elderly, widows, and homebound patients. Our Radio Ministry reaches thousands of people surrounding our base, they are hearing the gospel and, are encouraged through music, educational and community programs.

“Is what you are doing making a difference?” Every ministry that I listed above is led by our national staff without any American missionaries living on base. Our staff is maturing and growing into fully devoted followers of Christ and they have embraced the ministry as their own. They minister everyday to their families and neighbors. Yes, we are moving towards the goal- A staff comprised of Haitians that is continuing to grow and mature in their relationship with Christ, so that, they can love and minister to other Haitians with the Love of Jesus. Please continue to pray for them each day as they minister!


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