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The very essence of this project is Jesus Christ, as He is the only one who can save
the childhood, adolescence, and youth of Nicaragua from alcoholism, drug addiction, and sin. He is the only one who can provide solutions to this issue and have a healthy population free from this scourge. The project includes a very important element, which is sports, using the discipline of soccer, as it has gained great popularity in Nicaragua in recent years and is greatly enjoyed by this sector of the population.
Please call 417-886-4673 or send an email to for any questions or to place an order!
Springfield/Kansas City Office Pay and Pick-Up Pricing Only!
Soccer Balls= $16 each
(1 English or Spanish Tract is “free” with the purchase of each ball)
Spanish and English Tracts= $35/100 pack
Main objective: To reach Nicaraguan children, adolescents, and youth by sharing the good news of the salvation of Our Lord Jesus Christ through soccer, using the soccer ball of many colors, thus collaborating to keep them away from alcoholism and drug addiction, developing soccer skills in Nicaraguan children, adolescents, and youth so that they also have good physical and mental health, and this becomes part of the integral development in family, social, and spiritual formation, also as soccer players.
In the last years we have developed 3 main soccer tournaments in a year;
however, our future goal is to set up more soccer events to bless more people
through the Good News of Salvation.