SUggestions of what to bring


Please pack light!!!!  We are limited to ONE piece of luggage, which must be carry-on size (22”x14”x9”). Our check-through luggage space will be used to transport our supplies and materials for the people in Haiti.  No TUBS are allowed as baggage to Haiti on commercial flights. They are allowed on MFI.  Laundry service will be available and is included in the cost of your trip.
If flying MFI we prefer you to only bring either a carry-on or backpack and limit the weight to 35#.  The excess 15# will be used to cover the food we will be shipping in with your team.  

- Passport (valid for at least six months from departure date)
- Copy of your Green Card – if applicable
- Copy of Medical license(s) for medical personnel (including RNs)
- Bible (recommended: old-school physical book if the Bible is not already downloaded on your phone - Base internet is sketchy and not available away from base)
- Cool, lightweight, light-colored clothing.  Ladies, shorts are allowed on base only, in the community either capris or knee-length skirts or dresses. Absolutely NO RUNNING SHORTS OR YOGA PANTS OUTSIDE BASE! Remember: the customs in the United States are often vastly different in Haiti.  If you are in doubt about what clothes to bring, discuss this with your Team Leader.
- Church attire – females: below-the-knee dresses with short sleeves; males: slacks and dress collared shirts (ties not necessary)
- Comfortable shoes and socks (sandals are not recommended off base if going to a building site)
- Good quality work gloves (leather or cotton jersey) if involved in building projects
- Hat, sunglasses, bandana
- Insect repellent
- Antibacterial hand cleanser and/or wipes (such as Wet Ones or Purell)
- Sunscreen (for skin and lips)
- Lip Balm & Eye drops* (liquid tears)
- Personal medicines (prescription and non-prescription), including your weekly dosage of malaria prevention medication.
- Travel-sized roll of toilet paper - very important since toilet paper is not common in Haiti.
- Personal toiletries (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
- Shower scrubby (bath towels and washcloths are provided). If you want to bring a new bath towel and leave it that would be greatly appreciated.  We need to replace some.
- Nail brush*
- Cheap flip-flops (for showers)
- Earplugs and sleep mask* You will be sleeping in dormitories with fellow teammates.
- Water bottle or canteen labeled with your name.  NOTE: Each person should drink at least five (5) 16 oz. bottles of water a day to avoid dehydration.
- Small fanny pack or backpack to transport things to the worksite.
- Small flashlight and/or book lamp with extra batteries (or flashlight on phone)**
- Personal snacks*
- Money – Please do not take large amounts of money.  $10 is required to enter Haiti (do not give Customs the money until they ask for it). If you fly MFI this is included in your price. Make sure you have money to purchase food while traveling.  You may want to bring a little more just in case you have time to purchase souvenirs.  
- There are sodas and bottled water at the base for $1 each. Free purified water is available to fill your personal water bottles. There will be a sheet in the kitchen to keep track of your expenditures.
** not mandatory